AC/DC Motor Solar Water Pump System

In YiBiYuan, we sell 0.5-20 hp small solar water pump,including well pump and surface pump. Our solar pump system is usually used in agriculture, livestock, Irrigation and pool.

0.5 hp, 1 hp, 1.5 hp, 2 hp, 5 hp, 20 hp solar water pump system is our hot sale solar water pump. 

Our solar water pumps system can use either AC or DC motors and are controlled electronically, all connected to solar panels.

Solar Water Pump Supplier

We are an innovative technology-leading solar water pump supplier for DC solar pumps, AC/DC hybrid solar pumps, and shielded motor solar pumps. Since our founding in 2012, we have been focused on this area. We have high-precision and fully automatic processing machines, advanced assembling lines and testing machines to improve the quality and efficiency.

Solar Water Pump Factory

CK-6140 Numerical Control Machine

Vertical Machining Center

CNC Lathe, Gear Rubbing Machine

T-600S High Speed Drilling and Tapping Center

Laser Welding Machine

CNC Grinder

Circuit Board Quality Inspection

Every circuit board must be tested by ICT to detect the defective rate and failure rate of components.

Every circuit board must be connected to a water pump for FCT testing to ensure the stability of product quality.

Every circuit board must undergo a long-term high temperature resistance and aging test to ensure the quality of the controller.

AOI machine scans and inspects the PCB to ensure the correct placement of all components.

Water Pump Quality Inspection

Step 1. Inter-turn and withstand voltage test of coil winding. Make sure that there is no open circuit or short circuit fault in the winding.
Step 2. Check the installation accuracy of the rotor shaft to ensure the consistency of the height of the motor shaft head.
Step 3. Check the speed, steering, withstand voltage, and inter-turn of the motor.
Step 4. The air tightness test of the motor ensures that the motor has no water leakage.
Step 5. Finished product test to check the motor speed, steering, and the serial momentum of the pump body.
Step 6. Simulate the real solar operation to ensure the authenticity of the pump head flow data.
Step 7. Inspection of the water pump appearance and brand label.
Step 8. Inspection of water pumps, controllers, accessory kits, manuals, etc. before packing


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Solar Pump FAQS

1. What are solar Pumps

A solar-powered water pumping system is like any other pumping system, except its power source is solar energy. Solar pumping System covers the entire energy conversion process, from sunlight to electrical energy, to mechanical energy, to stored energy.

2. Solar Pump System Components

A typical solar water pumping system contains a solar array, which converts sunlight into electricity, a system controller, which controls the array and the pump; an electric motor (can be either A.C. or D.C), which drives the pump, which moves the water as per its application.Typical Solar water pumping System

3. Type of Water Pump System

  • Borehole/well/submersible pumps
  • Surface pump
  • Floating pumps

4. How is the pump powered?

The solar water pump could be either a DC-powered pump (Figure 2) or an ac power pump (Figure 3). AC/DC powered solar water pump system
In the DC-powered pump system,the “pump controller” would typically include a maximum power point tracker (MPPT) In an AC-powered pump system that uses solar power, the "pump controller" has two main parts: 1. MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking): This is a technology that helps get the most energy possible from the solar panels. It adjusts the electrical operating point of the panels so they can produce the maximum power available. 2. DC to AC Inverter: Since solar panels generate DC (Direct Current) electricity, but most AC (Alternating Current) electric motors in water pumps need AC electricity to run, this inverter converts the DC electricity from the solar panels into AC electricity that the pump can use. For larger systems, this setup includes a special type of inverter called a "three-phase inverter." This is used to operate "three-phase motors," which are powerful motors often used in big water pump systems for things like irrigation or supplying water to large areas.

5. The Common Application

  • Agriculture Irrigation
  • Off-network Livestock
soalr water pump system for livestok
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