Solar Water Pump for Pool

In numerous households, water pumps rank as the second most significant energy consumers. The solar powered pool pump ensures a crystal-clear pool without incurring any electricity costs.

Our solar pool pump employs a highly efficient, quiet, and reliable brushless DC motor. Solar pool pumps offer a zero-energy option, delivering appealing returns when compared to variable speed pool pumps.

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Residential Pool

Residential pools typically have an aspect ratio of 2:1. The most common pool sizes you may find include: 12′ x 24′; 15′ x 36′; 16′ x 32′; 20′ x 40′. These dimensions are for a rectangular pool. If you’re interested in geometric or free-form pools, your pool won’t follow the same proportions.

Commercial swimming pool

A 50-meter pool is considered an “Olympic-sized” pool and typically holds around 500,000 gallons of water. Furthermore, a true “Olympic size” swimming pool has a depth of at least two meters and has 10 lanes, each of which is two and a half meters wide.


The Greeks and Romans created thermal baths as a cure for ailments and stress. A spa is a refreshing way to relax, recharge, and pamper yourself.

How Solar Power Works

When sunlight reaches your solar panels, it triggers the flow of electrons, producing DC power that is then transmitted via connected wires to the pump controller.

The pump controller, serving as the system’s central intelligence, utilizes advanced technology and sensor inputs. It activates the submersible motor and operates the pump to transport water against gravitational forces, bringing it to the surface.

Sizing solar pumps involves considering factors such as the total vertical distance the water must be lifted, the required pressure generation, and the daily water volume needed.

Solar Water Pump Factory

CK-6140 Numerical Control Machine

Vertical Machining Center

CNC Lathe, Gear Rubbing Machine

T-600S High Speed Drilling and Tapping Center

Laser Welding Machine

CNC Grinder

Circuit Board Quality Inspection

Every circuit board must be tested by ICT to detect the defective rate and failure rate of components.

Every circuit board must be connected to a water pump for FCT testing to ensure the stability of product quality.

Every circuit board must undergo a long-term high temperature resistance and aging test to ensure the quality of the controller.

AOI machine scans and inspects the PCB to ensure the correct placement of all components.

Water Pump Quality Inspection

Step 1. Inter-turn and withstand voltage test of coil winding. Make sure that there is no open circuit or short circuit fault in the winding.
Step 2. Check the installation accuracy of the rotor shaft to ensure the consistency of the height of the motor shaft head.
Step 3. Check the speed, steering, withstand voltage, and inter-turn of the motor.
Step 4. The air tightness test of the motor ensures that the motor has no water leakage.
Step 5. Finished product test to check the motor speed, steering, and the serial momentum of the pump body.
Step 6. Simulate the real solar operation to ensure the authenticity of the pump head flow data.
Step 7. Inspection of the water pump appearance and brand label.
Step 8. Inspection of water pumps, controllers, accessory kits, manuals, etc. before packing


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